Alumni Tribute

The School of Dentistry is proud to have played a role in the lives of our graduates, and we are grateful for their professional contributions. It is with deepest condolences to their families, friends and colleagues that we share a necrology report on our alumni tribute page. Names and graduation year are noted in the links or listed below. 

Necrology Report

Recognizing graduates who passed January - August 2021.

Dr. William P. Cave                DDS, 1964                    7/31/2021
Dr. Dudley D. Compton         DDS, 1961                    1/3/2021
Dr. Paul A. Gilley                   DDS, 1985                    1/30/2021
Dr. Roger L. Hicks                 DDS, 1974                    6/15/2021
Dr. Theodore W. Kaduk        DDS, 1974                    1/24/2021
Dr. Russell E. Little                DDS, 1968                    1/11/2021
Dr. Howard E. Mallett            DDS, 1967                    8/14/2021
Dr. Stephen M. Minor            DDS, 2002                    7/25/2021
Dr. Robert C. Morrison          DDS, 1970                    6/1/2021
Dr. David T. Puderbaugh         DDS, 1964                      5/6/2021
Dr. Charles E. Raad                 DDS, 1970                      2/26/2021
Dr. Robert S. Raynes                DDS, 1973                      3/29/2021
Dr. Keister L. Richardson         DDS, 1972                      5/22/2021
Dr. Thomas L. Thomasson      DDS, 1975                      1/26/2021
Ms. Shannon Dale (Unger) Wine         BSDH, 1993       2/18/2021

January 2020 - February 2021

Please know that we do our best to record information regarding the loss of fellow alumni, but the School of Dentistry and the University do not always receive this information. If you are aware of someone we can honor please send an email to