At its heart, COHRA is a research project that aims to identify factors that contribute to the burden of dental problems, and oral health disparities, in children and their families in our state, and throughout Appalachia, and thus to select the most promising areas for intervention. 

In all of the COHRA projects, we are assessing a broad array of factors that lead to health and disease, particularly in the realm of oral health.  Our areas of investigation include genetics, psychosocial factors (including maternal/postpartum depression, among others), microbiological indices, water quality, degree of rurality, and many more.

The COHRA bibliography, which can be found HERE includes over 100 refereed journal articles and other scholarly works, including publications, posters, abstracts, presentations, as well as student theses and dissertations.

Selected papers are presented here in various domains of interest for COHRA.

Oral Health in Appalachia

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COHRA1 Protocol

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Psychosocial Factors

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