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Project Smiles fundraiser to help dental patients in need

Company uses orthodontics brackets to create unique bling

The Delta Sigma Delta Chi Chi Chapter of West Virginia University School of Dentistry is partnering with the orthodontics themed jewelry company, Bracket-Ears, to raise money for Project Smiles.

Project Smiles is a philanthrophy fund started by the chapter in 2018 with the goal of providing care to patients at the WVU School of Dentistry who have serious dental needs without the financial means to pay for them.

100% of the proceeds from each piece of jewelry purchased goes towards Project Smiles. 

Unique jewelry options include:

Earrings and ortho bands $15
Set of WV charms $10
Wrap Bracelet $20
Rhinestone Bracelet $25

To place an order, contact a Delts member or email masnodgress@mix.wvu.edu

Gold and blue banded bracelets include bracketears on them as bling.

Earrings and charms are among the options for bracketear jewelry.