Senior Dental Student Honors Program

Student Teaching

Teaching practicum experiences were made available during the fall and spring semesters of the senior year beginning 2006. This elective provides you with an opportunity to serve as a student-teacher in a lecture or lab course offered during the fall and/or spring semesters of the freshman, sophomore or junior years of the predoctoral curriculum. If you have an interest in pursuing teaching as a career in the future, would like to gain more experience in a particular course, or you would like to enhance your knowledge and skills in preparation for board exams, please consider this option.

You will receive DENT 790 credit for student-teaching and an hourly stipend (subject to budgetary cuts). To be eligible for student-teaching in a particular course, you must have earned a grade of A or B in the course in which you wish to student-teach and you must be performing at an appropriate level in clinic to ensure that your teaching commitment does not jeopardize your attainment of clinic competency prior to graduation.

The following courses may be considered for a student-teaching practicum experience:

Fall Semester

  • DENT 701-Prevention
  • DENT 710-Dental Anatomy and Occlusion
  • DENT 712-Dental Materials
  • DENT 722-Operative (Tooth-Colored Restorations)
  • DENT 729-Operative (Indirect Gold & Tooth-Colored Restorations)
  • DENT 754-Implantology
  • DENT 756-Fixed Prosthodontics
  • DENT 763-Periodontics
  • DENT 773-Advanced Restorations

Spring Semester

  • DENT 704-Operative (Amalgam)
  • DENT 705-Biochemistry small groups
  • DENT 711-Periodontics
  • DENT 715-Community Health
  • DENT 721-Endodontics
  • DENT 726-Removable Prosthodontics
  • DENT 730-Public Health
  • DENT 757-Fixed Prosthodontics
  • DENT 766-Pediatric Dentistry

*Please notify the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs by email of your desire to student teach (Semester and Course) by the conclusion of the summer session prior to your senior year.

Download the Honors Program Application Form (PDF)

Spring Honors Program – Mentorship/Additional Rotation

The Honors Program was extended in 2009 by offering opportunities for seniors to mentor a faculty specialist or attend an additional clinical rotation. To be eligible for this program a student must meet the following expectations prior to the onset of this Program:

  • Successfully complete all clinical performance assessments
  • Successfully complete the 6-week rural rotation
  • Complete a written proposal outlining the details of your individualized “Honors Program.”

The Honors Program options include one or more of the following:

  • Student teaching in a lecture/lab course (course options listed below)
  • Participation in a 2nd rural rotation experience (2-6 weeks) or an external/international rotation
  • Mentoring a faculty specialist in one of the clinical disciplines for a maximum of one day per week

You are responsible for maintaining the needs of your patient family as part of your honors program. Provider attendance time will be granted for these activities.

 A student may begin their Program at the onset of the spring semester or at midterm. A brief detailed proposal should include

  • a confirmation of your eligibility for the Honors Program,
  • the name of the course in which you plan to student teach, the name and dates of the rural site you hope to attend, and/or the name of the faculty mentor and the day of the week you plan to work with this mentor, and
  • the attached form verifying that you have gained initial approval for your plan - the Course Director if you wish to student teach; the director of the Dental Practice and Rural Health department regarding a 2nd rural rotation OR the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs if you wish to pursue an external/international rotation; and/or the Department Chair/Division Director who you wish to mentor.

The Academic and Professional Standards Committee will review all proposals for the start of the spring semester during their December meeting and at their midterm meeting for proposals that are initiated after mid-semester.

Proposals should be sent to the Academic and Professional Standards Committee, in care of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Deadlines will be posted. Final approval will be based on eligibility, academic and clinical performance, professionalism and patient management skills. If your proposed start date is midterm, you will need to meet with the Director of Clinical Education and Patient Care to ensure that conflicts with your clinical rotations do not exist.

Faculty Mentors

Working with a faculty mentor is an exceptional opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in a specific specialty area, particularly if you intend to pursue graduate studies. The following Department Chairs/Division Directors have agreed to serve as mentors:

  • Dr. Bryan Dye
  • Dr. Peter Ngan
  • Dr. Bryan Weaver (2 week block)

2nd Rural Rotation/External Rotation

See the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the Director of the Department of Dental Practice and Rural Health to determine site availability.

The Susan Dew Hoff Clinic in West Milford, WV is available for a rotation every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.