West Liberty University (DEAP)

The West Virginia University (WVU) School of Dentistry and West Liberty University (WLU) have partnered for a Dental Early Admission Program (DEAP). This collaborative program provides rising sophomores at West Liberty University potential early admission into WVU's School of Dentistry Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) program.

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WLU/WVU DEAP Admission Requirements

Students admitted to WLU/WVU DEAP must:

  • Have completed at least 30 semester hours but no more 75 semester hours, with a minimum of a 3.60 GPA, to include at least two (2) of the required Biology, Chemistry, and Math core courses each semester. Core courses are listed under “Undergraduate Curriculum.”
  • Students must have successfully completed Bio 302/303 and Bio 328/334 before official entry to the WVU Doctor of Dental Surgery Program.
  • Take one Chemistry, one Biology and one Mathematics core course per semester during their freshman year.
  • Complete the Physics core courses by the completion of their sophomore year.

Prior to admission to WLU/WVU DEAP, students must have at least 10 hours of documented observation in one or more general dental practices.

Upon acceptance to WLU/WVU DEAP, students sign a commitment statement affirming their intention to satisfy program requirements and participate in WLU/WVU DEAP activities.

WLU/WVU DEAP participants typically are expected to complete their undergraduate degree at WLU within 4 years.

WLU/WVU DEAP Ongoing Requirements

To continue participation in DEAP while enrolled in West Liberty University, students must:

  • Maintain 3.60 overall and science GPAs.
  • Maintain standards of honesty, integrity, and citizenship.

Students accepted into the WLU/WVU DEAP program will be guaranteed admittance to the WVU dental program if they:

  • Successfully complete all prerequisite courses for dental school admission and all other requirements, including immunizations and criminal background clearance.
  • Have overall and science GPAs of 3.60 or above at West Liberty University.
  • Take the Dental Admission Test (DAT) and score at or above the average Academic and Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) scores achieved by the previous WVU entering dental class.
  • Fulfill preparatory community service (minimum 50 hours) and dental shadowing requirements (minimum 50 hours in various general dental practices).
  • Successfully complete dental school application and interview requirements.
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, leadership and citizenship.
  • Individuals who receive provisional acceptance to the WVU School of Dentistry educational programs must pass a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI), at their own expense, prior to final acceptance to the WVU School of Dentistry.