West Virginia State University (DEAP)

West Virginia State University was founded in 1891 as a historically black land-grant college.  WVSU has evolved to serve a richly diverse population of students and the West Virginia State University College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics endeavors to educate students to understand, utilize and improve upon scientific and mathematical principles and relate them to human knowledge.  Additionally, the university works to promote students’ scientific and mathematical literacy, as well as to utilize the collective expertise of its faculty to serve the university. 

DEAP Admission Requirements

Students admitted to DEAP must:

  • Have successfully completed a minimum of 30 semester hours and a maximum of 75 semester hours, with a minimum of a 3.60 GPA, to include at least two (2) of the required Biology, Chemistry and core courses each semester.  Core courses are listed under “Undergraduate Curriculum.”
  • Have successfully completed Biology 120 and 121 before official entry to the WVU Doctoral of Dental Surgery Program.
  • Take one Chemistry, one Biology, and one Mathematics core course per semester during their freshman year.
  • Complete the Physics core courses by the completion of their sophomore year.
  • Have successfully completed 120 semester hours to graduate from WVSU.

Prior to admission to DEAP, students must have a least 10 hours of documented observation in one or more general dental practices.

Upon acceptance to DEAP, students sign a commitment statement affirming their intention to satisfy program requirements and participate in WVSU/WVUSoD DEAP activities. 

DEAP participants are expected to complete their undergraduate degree at WVSU within four years. 

For more information on the WVSU DEAP program please review the program brochure.