5K raises money for dental services for victims of violence

The Delta Sigma Delta Chi Chi Chapter at West Virginia University School of Dentistry raised $1400 at the Give Back a Smile 5K in April.

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Delta Sigma Delta is a service-oriented fraternity that brings dental professionals together to further excellence in ethical, professional, and scientific ideas of dentistry through fellowship, knowledge, strength and justice.

As part of the group mission to contribute to the community both in and out of the clinic, the Delts support the Give Back  A Smile (GBAS) program. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation started the GBAS 5K in 2012 to raise money to assist domestic violence victims in rebuilding their lives and dignity through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs.

"Being in clinic can be a very stressful experience. While we all enjoy what we do, it’s very special for us all to be able to step away from the stress and to give back to the community in a different way," Paige White, current Senior Page for the Delts, said. "It allows us to bring awareness to a common cause for something that we are passionate about while having a blast doing it at the same time. It allows us to bring community members together to work toward a single, common cause that we are all able to connect to in one way or another."

The program provides restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the smile zone at no cost to qualified survivors through the nationwide network of volunteer cosmetic dentists and support teams. 

"You never know what people are going through. Something so simple as running for fun can truly change the life of somebody else. You never know who is watching you," White said. 

Monetary donations made to the GBAS program are used for restorations, travel experiences, associated lab fees, clothing, as well as scholarships for victims trying to return to school.

The proceeds, $1,400, are donated directly to GBAS.