Class of 2020 graduate focuses on oral health of children in an article for local newspaper

Dr. Megan Popp, a DDS Class of 2020 graduate, was featured in an article of the Herald-Dispatch in Huntington

Megan Popp and colleagues at Give Kids a Smile Day at their practice.
Dr. Megan Popp (left) with colleagues. Photo from the Herald-Dispatch. 

Each February, practices across the nation participate in Give Kids a Smile Day as part of Nationa Childrens Dental Health Month. Providers often set aside a day where they see children for free for examinations and oral health education. 

Popp is a dentist with Valley Health in Milton, WV. In the report, she explained the importance of proper oral health care routines at an early age. 

Dr. Popp participated in Give Kids a Smile Day when she was a student at the School of Dentistry and has committed to practicing in rural West Virginia. 

Megan Popp (middle) as a student working at Give Kids a Smile Day at WVU School of Dentistry.
Megan Popp, center, volunteers at a dental school GKAS event.