What Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Means to Me: Juan Bugueno

What does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean to you?
The three concepts represents to me the essential of human nature. Everybody is different and has the freedom to be; everybody must have identical opportunities in life; and everybody must be considered valued and welcomed. 

Why is it important to focus on DEI efforts at Health Sciences?
It is extremely important because we are forming healthcare providers. We would like to instill the principles of DEI, therefore they will be able to give their services in a more comprehensive way to any kind of community. 

How does being more diverse make us better?
We can be better human beings by accepting each other, with our own personalities, values, cultural backgrounds, beliefs, identities, etc.

How does being part of a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere make you feel?
If I am part of a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, I feel that I am practicing my own principles and I am contributing to make others’ lives a little better.

/ Juan M Bugueno, DDS, MS
Diplomate American Board of Oral Medicine
Assistant Professor Oral Medicine
Department of Diagnostic Sciences
West Virginia University School of Dentistry