Student Affairs, Community Health and Outreach

The Office of Student Affairs and Community Health and Outreach, formerly the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs dedicated to general student support and alumni affairs, has broadened the scope of student support based on current need, trends in student life and academics, and physical, mental and emotional well-being.  It is the hub for a 30-year-old program that teams pre-doctoral students with private practitioners, in their clinics, for six weeks of additional skill development. The rural health rotation increases students’ experiences with an Appalachian patient population. The side-by-side mentorship with experienced professionals also opens up additional available appointments where oral health care opportunities are limited.  The associate dean for student affairs and community health and outreach, a part-time position, is essential in planning for commencement, ensuring students have met requirements needed. The office is responsible for the resumption of an annual career fair which is financially self-sufficient and is an informal resource in connecting hiring practices with graduating students.