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  1. Student in an approved program participating with the integration of West Virginia University, Health Sciences Center Curricular Tobacco Treatment Training Program (HSC CTTTP).
  2. Prior to HSC CTTTP review session, log in to the CTTTP – HSC's Curricular Tobacco Treatment Program SOLE site, view the “start here” folder. Take the Pre-conference survey and the Pre-conference examination for an assessment of tobacco treatment knowledge, skills and practices prior to the six hour tobacco treatment review session.
  3. View the Professional Development PowerPoint and/or recorded presentation and achieve a minimum score of 80% on the professional development self-study examination. (multiple attempts allowed)
  4. If your program does not provide all 24 hours of the required tobacco competencies within the curriculum, you can locate additional modules to view with the required 80% minimum score on the applicable self-study examination on the SOLE site.
  5. Attend the required HSC CTTTP review session, in entirety.
  6. Within one week following the review session, take the tobacco treatment specialist certification examination and attain a minimum score of 80%.
  7. Sign a tobacco-free proclamation.
  8. Successfully graduate.

For more information, contact Suann Gaydos