Each year the WVU School of Dentistry Alumni Association recognizes and honors a few individuals who have made sustained contributions to the WVU School of Dentistry and the dental profession. We invite you and/or component society to nominate a member(s) who has gone above and beyond the profession.

Nominees may include outstanding graduates and/or supporters of the WVU School of Dentistry who have given much to the field of dentistry. Please keep in mind that these awards highlight their contributions to the field of dentistry as well as their contributions to their community, state or nation.

Here’s your opportunity to nominate your co-workers and other colleagues who deserve recognition for the difference they’ve made. You may nominate one or more people in each category. You may also choose to nominate yourself.

The awards include:

  • Distinguished Alumnus Award: Outstanding service acceptable for this consideration will include the reputation and formal recognition attained by the individual within professional, political, and public groups. Both dental and dental hygiene graduates of the School of Dentistry are eligible for this award.
  • Achievement Award: The award is to be presented to an individual for service to the profession, the state, and the WVU School of Dentistry. Other qualifications presented on behalf on nominees will, of course, be considered by the Board.
  • Instrument Award: This award is to be given to a first year DDS student after the end of the spring term and is to be used to help defray instrument cost. This award is to be based on academic achievement and financial need. This award is also presented to a sophomore dental hygiene student with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and documented financial need.
  • Student Award for Clinical Competency and Professionalism: The WVU School of Dentistry Alumni Association will present each year an award to the graduating senior in the top 25%, of his or her class in Dentistry and Dental Hygiene based on the overall GPA.
  • Dr. Robert E. Sausen Distinguished Service Award: This award is to be presented to a senior dental or dental hygiene student who during his or her four years has demonstrated the high ideals of service, such as loyalty, dedication, and integrity, to the School of Dentistry Alumni Association, the School of Dentistry, the community, and the dental profession as exemplified by Dr. Robert E. Sausen.

All nominations will be given careful consideration and are decided upon by a committee consisting of your peers. Each award can be received only one time.